Wednesday, September 17, 2014

And here we go.

A town wakes up one morning to discover that the banker has been murdered. There were 4-8 people at the scene of the crime, including the sheriff and killer, but the true identity of each individual is unknown. Before anyone can exit the scene, the civilians and sheriff must find and eliminate the killer. The killer, however, must eliminate all other players in order to escape. Since the killer is unknown, he/she has the element of surprise. The sheriff has the ability to eliminate the killer easily, but must guess correctly in order to avoid dire consequences.

We have recently begun development of Murder. The game is planned to be finished by October 16. below is a brief description of the game:

Murder is a card game, played with 4-8 people, that involves mystery, strategy, and deception. Each player is assigned a role that gives them their objective, as well as special abilities. In order to provide new players with a short learning curve, we decided to keep the game simple. Therefore, as of right now, there are only 3 different roles: killer, sheriff, and civilian. Murder’s interesting story, smooth gameplay, and unique conflict combine to assemble a thrilling and deception-driven game.

We will update the blog weekly with updates.

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