Tuesday, September 30, 2014

How Will You Play? The Choice is Yours!

Over the past few weeks the development team has been hard at work designing the deck of cards that Murder will be played with and I believe there will not be any disappointment. The deck is broken down into three sets of cards, action, role, and set. Each adds a unique element to the game that is sure to keep players wanting more. The most common type of card in the deck will be the action cards. These type of cards are pretty straightforward, once played in front of a player they will either perform an action that will be negative to the players progress or beneficial in order to ensure their safety. For example, a card such as parole would prevent a player from playing a card or drawing one on his or her next turn. However, they could also be handed a card such as shield which if played in front of a card such as parole, would dismiss it and save the player from missing his or her next turn.

For set and role cards both are dependent on the other in order to be played. Each player as mention in the last post will draw a role card that will designate them as a civilian, sheriff, or the murderer. The result of drawing a specific role card is the necessary set cards needed to perform the character specific role. Character specific roles is what makes this card game so great because it allows each player to feel significant in the game at any point. The murderer may be able to strike again at any point but a civilian could be as effective by playing a spy card and revealing a players hand to see if they are trying to obtain the set necessary to murder their next victim. All in all the meat and potatoes of the game will sure be a blast for any group trying to go for a ride filled with thrill and suspense. 

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