Wednesday, September 24, 2014

So it begins

The game Murder can be played between 4-8 players. Since our last post we have started working the core mechanics of the game as well as the structure of it. We want the players to feel a sense of suspense as well as intrigue on what the other players roles could possibly be.

 The core mechanics of the game:
Each player will have to play an action card in front of the person whose current turn it is. Following this action, you must draw a card from the pile. Regardless of what is going on in the game, you will have to perform this action for the game to continue.

The structure of the game:
-Each player will start off with 5 deck cards and 1 role card.
-Each player also has 4 health chips and if you lose all 4 then you are eliminated from the game.
-For a player to perform an action in conjunction to their role, they must have the set of cards required in order to perform the said action.
-After each action card is played, it goes back to the bottom on the deck to keep the game going.
-If the player wishes to take a set card that was given to him/her during their turn, they must take all the set cards placed and get rid of the same amount taken from their hand to help create a strategy on how the specific role player will perform his next action(s).
-If none of the set cards are taken, then they will all go to the end of the deck card pile.
-For the Sheriff: before the killer is revealed, he/she only needs one card of each for a set to perform an action. After the killer has been revealed, the sheriff will need 2 of each to make a set to perform an action to keep the balance of the game.

With these mechanics, the players will be able to understand how the game is performed and what they need to do every turn to keep the game going. The fun part about this game is watching every single move a player performs to get an idea of what role they might possibly be. If a player starts taking many set cards that are related to the killer, then you will have to find a way to alert the sheriff, but you must also find out who the sheriff is before the killer does. This allows the player to not jump to conclusions so quickly as well as not give away their own position.

You must be careful and wise with your decisions because one wrong move can give the other players an upper hand no matter what role you are!

More updates coming soon!

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