Thursday, October 9, 2014

As me and Yong were fused into the new group with the Murder game. The transition was very easy and simple. Because our groups were playing different games we were already acquainted and we were able to pick up on the game very quickly.

After our theoretical prototypes were due and tested the game, the game showed a huge problem. People started to hoard cards. this puts the Murderer under huge disadvantage. Civilian and the cop hoarded cards against the murderer while the murderer could only hoard the cards that served the cop. To end the trouble with hoarding we began discussing how to solve it. There was an idea by a member who wanted to reduce the number of cards in hand to 3 or 4. After huge debates we rejected the idea because it would restrict the number of choices each player has. We still later chose to reduce the maximum number of cards in hand to 5.

The second solution was including a card or two that forces discarding cards. This was inspired by the Professor and it was the definitely and undoubtedly the best solution to our hoarding situation. We ran several rounds and the game was running smoothly, but we may need to work on the peripheral elements of the game to make the players more involved in the game and in the idea of deception.

All in all, we have a very consensus driven group and we hope to continue working in that manner.

-Omair Siddiqui

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