Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Play Tests

In today's lecture, we had time to let the other groups evaluate each groups' tests. Today was a very crucial day for our project because the feedback from people who have never played our game often gives game developers unique insights. During the last lecture, our group had our own simulation games in order to find out any default of our game. It turned out that our game had a significant problem that people started to hoard cards, which puts the murderer under huge disadvantages. Our initial solution was to create a card or two that forces discarding cards. This solved the problem as the several rounds of games were played without any problem. As we fixed the problem, we were expecting feedback from other groups in order to find how our solution will work to other players. The game ran smoothly and people gave us a lot of good suggestions for our game. We accepted some of the feedback so that our game can be better. We decided to meet during the weekend or week to finalize our project.

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